|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Police warn over avocado thefts 

Police who busted an avocado burglary gang say they are keeping watch in the rural areas of Tenerife and intend to make further arrests.

The warning comes after officers caught five men in the act of another theft. They are believed to have stolen around 1,000 kilos of avocados.

This is the time of the year when avocados are in their most abundant on the island.

Officers discovered that the five people, with common ties between them, acted in a separated and independent manner.

“They knew very well the area in which they were going to act,” said a spokesman. “The offences were committed in full daylight, specifically in afternoon hours. They knew the best accesses to the fincas so they would not been seen and the exact working and rest hours of the staff.”

Once inside the farms, the gang carried the avocados in bags of 50 kilos and used pickup vans to transport the fruit to their destination.

The thieves were caught in the act with 300 kilos of avocados, which were then returned to their owner.

As well as continuing their controls, police regularly visit shops and markerts to check on the sale of avocados.