|Monday, June 1, 2020
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Police in biggest seizure of “pink cocaine” 

The Civil Guard has detained 20 people belonging to a criminal organisation dedicated to the sale and distribution of cocaine and tucibí known as “Pink Panther”.
The BENÁS operation has resulted in the seizure of more than 30 kilos of cocaine, 1.5 kilos of tucibí known as “pink panther or pink cocaine” (a very aggressive drug that can cause serious effects) and other types of narcotic substances.
Police carried out 15 raids where they intervened more than 20,000 euros, a simulated gun and eight vehicles and have broken up seven points of sale of drugs.
“It is the most important apprehension of tucibí carried out by the Civil Guard,” said a spokesman.
Of the 20 people arrested, 16 were men with four women, all between 25 and 64 years, living n the provinces of Madrid, Guadalajara, Burgos and Huesca.
Police also seized a kilogram of marijuana, cutting substance, 15 precision scales,