|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Nepo has been in K9 for nearly a year now 

This handsome boy is a favourite among staff and volunteers. He is a podenco mix and is about 2-3 years old.

He never seems phased by living in the kennels and is always very relaxed and chilled. He shares his kennel with 2 other males, Chacho and Erwin and they all love playing together and running around together when they get the chance.

When out walking, Nepo likes to be spoiled with treats, but also loves to chase lizards and does a really good job trying to catch them. No bush or wall is too big for him to climb into, or up! He has succeeded a couple of times when it comes to catching lizards. He holds no prisoners!

He is fun is walk, and can walk on and off lead. He is a pleasure to walk on the lead and loves getting out to explore the trails around K9. When he is off lead, the podenco in him really comes out as he goes off searching for some unlucky lizards to find. He loves to run and run and run but don’t worry, he will come back when you call him and give him a little reward.

His cool calm nature makes him so easy to be around and he is very curious of other dogs. He likes to get to know them and play with them, and seems to get on with most dogs. He is really good with people also, which makes him suitable to walk with any of our walkers. If you have any treats in your pocket, he becomes your best friend and tries to sniff them out but also knows when he is over stepping the mark. He is obedient and super friendly and is always ready for a cuddle.