|Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Murcia resident found half-buried fridge with 18,000 euros inside! 

A man who found a half-buried fridge packed with 18,000 euros of false notes sparked a major investigation into one of the biggest fraud gangs in Spain.
Agents of the National Police have intervened 30,540 counterfiet euros in bills of 20 and have made two arrests. The network acted mainly in the region of Murcia but travelled to the Valencian community for the distribution of money.
Following the fridge discovery, it took police several weeks to identify a person connected to the illegal activity of counter-feiting currency.
“This suspect maintained a totally unjustified standard of living since he had no legitimate income in his family unit. Soon after, the agents located a second individual who worked closely with the main suspect,” said a police spokesman.
The counterfeit notes were introduced into the legal market by using small businesses.
“In this way, and being smaller bills, they avoided raising suspicions on the part of their receivers, who tend to examine with greater caution those of 50, 100 or 200,” said the spokesman.
The operation culminated in the arrest of the two defendants and the seizure, at the time of the arrest, of several false notes hidden in the vehicle they were driving. In addition, the agents searched a house where another 600 fake 20-euro banknotes prepared for distri-bution were intervened.