|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Magaluf launches hard-hitting campaign in UK and Spain 

Magaluf has launched a major new campaign in Mallorca and the UK to warn young holidaymakers of the dangers of getting drunk and the risks of balconing.
Under the title of “Return Trip” it says: “If you want to return home in one piece, you should control your behaviour.”
A voice-over in a video warns: “Enjoy your holidays in Mallorca but make sure that alcohol does not become the protagonist of your vacation. Mixing fun and alcohol can be very dangerous.”
The campaign, in English and Spanish, is also using stickers, posters and beer mats and stresses: “There are young people who die in Mallorca because of alcohol abuse after falling from buildings, in fights or in traffic accidents.” There is also a website which asks for support to “spread the message” on www.returntr-ip.eu.
The initiative has the backing of the British Consulate in the Balearics and Georgia Hague, a young Brit who works in Magaluf and has recently launched individually a cam-paign to warn of the risks of ‘balconing”.
The warning coincides with fines of 1,500 euros for eight venues which have breached the strict rules on offering drinking games, two for one offers, pub crawling or party boats.
Police say one of the clubs advertised “20 hours of unlimited free drinks” via a website which contravene Calvia council’s so-called co-existence laws which aim to stamp out drunken tourism.
Resort leaders say a number of companies are trying to find a loophole by making offers via the net but they still contravene the le-gislation.
Since last year, it is an offence to advertise in any way messages which encourage drinking such as free bars or happy hours.
Calvia council says the campaign will run in the major cities of the UK and Ireland, as well as in Mallorca itself and is deliberately designed to hit home the heartbreak that accidents can cause for the families left behind. It is mainly aimed at the age group of 15 to 29.
Calvia’s Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal said the campaign “does not seek to send a negative message to any group, or report fines or municipal regulations, which is already done in other areas, but wants to provoke a reflection on the problem of incidents and accidents that occur due to the excesses derived from excessive consumption of alcohol.”
“The problem of incidents and accidents that occur in certain tourist destinations are caused by the excesses derived from excessive alcohol consumption, and it is a problem that cannot be ignored,” he added.