|Monday, July 26, 2021
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La Gomera to become heart-friendly island with new defibs 

La Gomera’s Cabildo is to install defibrillators in all its municipalities

An agreement has been signed with Canariasvial to have 14 units which will be distributed at the strategic points of each of the municipalities with the aim of reducing the risk of mortality in case of cardiorespiratory arrest.

In addition, this agreement, which involves a total of 39,914 euros, provides for the provision of another 14 units of anti-choking devices, which will enable a quick and easy action in the case of an emergency of this type.
All the political groups voted in favour of the purchases in order to make La Gomera a cardio-protected island. This is particular important given the island’s difficult terrain and isolation of some of the population centres, which means that, in some cases, the arrival of medical teams to certain points takes longer than one hour.
“In this way, the risk of mortality in case of cardiores-piratory arrest decreases considerably,” a spokesman explained. “Therefore, the agreement places special emphasis on training as a key pillar for citizens to know how to properly use this instru-ment, which can be essential when it comes to saving lives.”
Canariasvial will be in charge of carrying out a complete programme of awareness and dissemina-tion of the campaign for a year, which includes the delivery of 14 training workshops, composed of eight people in each of them. These will provide the keys to cardio-pulmonary resuscitation while promoting prevention and citizen participation. In parallel, an awareness and dissemination campaign against suffocation by choking will be carried out.
These actions will be com-plemented with the distri-bution of an informative brochure, as well as the launch of a mobile applic-ation in which information about the defibrillators and their location will be provided, as well as a web page and the presence on social networks.