|Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Joseph needs a home 

Come and meet our beautiful boy Joseph. He has been at K9 for about a year now. His ex owners fell on hard times and had no choice but to surrender him to K9. He is a large dog but is a gentle giant. Joseph is brindle in colour and is 4 years old.
Joseph currently shares with another male dog at the moment at the kennels and is often overlooked by a lot of people who come to walk the dogs, or look for a dog to adopt. I think people are put off by his size. This is a shame as he is a very sweet, loving friendly boy who is just looking for his second chance at a loving home.  He has also shared a kennel with a female dog who has since been adopted to one of volunteers, so we decided to try him with a male dog, and they get on really well. They share the big kennel across the road from the main building, which again is another reason why he gets overlooked.
Joseph is wonderful to walk. He likes to stroll through the trails around K9 with his playmate Pumpkin and can be walked on or off lead. He does not pull on the lead and does like to stop for the occasional treat and drink of water.  He was one of the first dogs I walked at K9, and I do remember his nervousness and uncertainty of me. It took a little while but he now enjoys his walks with me!
He does need time to get to know you as he can be nervous of new people and new smells. As he gets to know you, he starts to show some more affection and you may even begin to get a kiss or two, right on the face!
Help us find Joseph a loving home.