|Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Four stowaways found in 60cm wide space 

National Police located four migrants hidden in a false compartment of a van in the control of vehicles prior to boarding in the port of Ceuta.

The vehicle was intercep-ted attempting to embark on the ferry to Algeciras. The agents observed that the exterior size of the van did not correspond to the visible spaces inside for passengers and merchandise. Upon inspecting the interior, they discovered a separation screen through which a narrow space was accessed where the four people hid.
“The space was about 60 centimetres wide,” said a police spokesman. “Externally the wooden boards had no door or lock and to remove them the agents had to break them. The people who were hiding held these screens with latches that only they could manipulate from within.”
The four immigrants of Moroccan nationality were found inside. Although they were very hot, they did not need medical assistance.
The driver was arrested as an alleged perpetrator of a crime against the rights of workers.