|Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Diverse art in Los Cristianos for Urban Culture Festival 

Los Cristianos has become a stage for the arts with lyrics, poetry, painting, music and gastronomy during April and May.
The ARN Urban Culture Festival is attracting the crowds for yet another year, not only promoting knowledge of the arts but also bringing the town alive from a tourist and business point of view.
All the departments of Arona council have played a part, including culture, economic promotion, youth, heritage and tourism.
The festival has included the project “Pinta, Siéntate y Piensa” with the aim of uniting art, social awareness and beautification of the environment, through the artistic intervention of urban furniture.
More than 50 benches have taken on a new look with designs created by a group of artists led by Carmen Díaz Carabaña.
“ARN Cultura Urbana Festival represents a complete cocktail of activities in which culture is promoted in all its dimensions,” a spokesman explained. April has seen a number of musical performances and there is more to come in May.
On May 4th, there will be the III Encounter of Poetry and Music organised by the department of youth. The event takes place at the Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Los Cristianos and will bring together top artists such as Marwan, Samir Abu-Tahou, Sharif, Loreto Sesma, Víctor Lemes and Mónica Gae
The ARN Festival Urban Culture Festival will close its doors on May 11th with a new attraction, the Kíkere Fest Arona.
Councillor for economic promotion, Dácil León, said the diverse programme added value to the destination of sun and beach by offering activities of interest related to culture and art on the street.