|Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Costa del Sol to set up jellyfish free zones 

Popular beaches along the Costa del Sol are to set up jellyfish-free zones to save holiday makers getting a nasty sting this summer.

Marbella has come up with the idea which will include the beaches of San Pedro, Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, Estrella de Mar and Marbella Playa in Las Chapas.
The local council is asking the firms which run the floating play parks in the sea to put out underwater nets and floating barriers to create safe bathing zones.
Last year, 80 tonnes of jellyfish were scooped out of the sea along the west area of Costa del Sol and yellow or red flags were put out many times to warn swimmers of the dangers. Plagues are particularly rife in July and August.
In June last year, extreme weather conditions brought in thousands of jellyfish and around 150 people were stung. A council official said at the time: “They were packed in like sardines.”
The previous month, people were banned from the water along much of the Costa Blanca because of Portuguese Men O’War.
The jellyfish were identifi-ed as mauve stingers, whose stings are said to produce a burning sensation, intense pain, inflammation and red rashes.
Under the new scheme on the selected beaches, on days when there are a lot of jelly fish in the water, bathers will be able to swim in the protected zones.
Environment councillor Manuel Cardeña said the areas would be signalled with beacons.
“Although they will not guarantee 100 per cent that jellyfish won’t get through, they are one more barrier so that people can swim without problems,” he said.