|Monday, June 1, 2020
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Carlota turns the spotlight on macramé 

There’s an additional attraction at La Orotava’s popular market each Saturday, thanks to the arrival of Carlota González Santos.
An expert in macramé, she not only  demonstrates her expertise in this traditional art but displays her wide range of products and sells them too. They include bracelets, necklaces, headbands, locks, key chains, pendants, earrings, straps of cotton threads for watches and reading markers.
Carlota, self-taught and responsible for the brand CGS Artesanía Canaria, obtained her artisan card from Tenerife Cabildo in 2015 and since then attends various fairs and festivals that host the municipalities of the island throughout the year.
She regularly visits Bue-navista, Los Silos, Garachico, Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz and Arafo but would also like to attend events on the other islands of the archipelago.
Carlota  uses yarns of different types and does it all by hand. Product prices range from just a couple of euros to 100 and many are unique.
Reinaldo González Ramos, president of the Association of Farmers, Cattle Ranchers and Artisans of the Valle de La Orotava Market said: “It is a joy to have a macrame crafts-woman among us, so young, expert and enthusiastic, demonstrating her skills every Saturday.”
Carlota can be contacted through social networks if searching for CGS Artesanía Canaria, through the e-mail address cgs.artesania@gm-ail.com, telephone 647 065 244 or the website www.cgsartes-aniacanaria.wordpress.