|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Boy who escaped double murder is back in Germany 

The six-year-old boy who survived the cave massacre in Tenerife in which his mother and brother, aged ten, were stoned to death has flown back to his home in Germany accompanied by a priest.

The youngster, identified only as Jonas, is now back with his maternal grandpa-rents and is said to be well physically and emotionally despite his horrific ordeal on the holiday island.
His 43-year-old German father has been charged with two murders and one of attempting to murder Jonas who escaped and ran down the mountainside in Adeje, crying and sobbing for help. He is in prison in Tenerife where guards are watching him around-the-clock in case he tries to harm himself.
The six-year-old flew home accompanied by the priest authorised by the family and a representative of the consulate in the Canary Islands.
He was received by his grandparents in the city of Halle, although custody is currently in the hands of a German admi-nistrative institution.
The court which gave permission for him to return home has confirmed that the child is “perfectly physical and psychically, within the circum-stances.”
Before the boy left Tenerife, a judge in Arona recorded his testimony about what happen-ed on April 23rd in a cave in the south of the island where the bodies of his 39-year-old mother and brother were found 24 hours later.
He told the woman who found him that the family had gone to the cave because they were expecting to enjoy a picnic and Easter egg hunt. He said he ran away when his father started to hit them with stones although the accused husband insists they were alive when he left them.
The couple were reported to be on the brink of divorce, having lived originally in Halle but the husband moved to Tenerife two years ago. The wife and the two children were visiting them at the time of the horrific attacks, allegedly so she could ask for the divorce to go-ahead on an amicable basis.