|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Bazaars scammed customers with card machine fraud 

A widespread scam has been detected in Gran Canaria where customers, many of them foreign tourists, were charged twice or even more for purchases in bazaar-type shops.

One of the incidents involved a holidaymaker who thought she was buying a tablet and a phone card for 62 euros in total. She gave the shopkeeper her card to pass through the automatic card reader but was told it hadn’t gone through and needed to be repeated.
When the unsuspecting customer returned home to her own country, she discovered that 2,475 euros had been taken from her account without her authority.
The Civil Guard of Puerto Rico-Mogán have since investigated the person believed to be responsible for the fraud committed at the end of last year.
This type of scam is not an isolated incident, however. Since 2015, the Civil Guard has received complaints about 18 similar thefts amounting to 54,145 euros in total. Police have arrested, investigated or identified 38 people for allegedly being involved.