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Why do cats sneeze? 

Cats do occasionally sneeze and this is not usually a cause for concern.
If your cat is sneezing more than usual and seems unwell, you should contact your vet.
A sneeze can be a sign of something as simple as a nose tickle, to something more complicated like a virus.
Just like humans, cats do occasionally sneeze and this is nothing to be concerned about. However, if your cat is sneezing more than usual and seems unwell, then it may be worth considering if something else could be bothering your pet and seeking the advice of your vet.
There are many reasons that your cat could be sneezing, below are just a few examples of what could be causing this.
Much the same as us, cats sometimes just need to sneeze. Usually this happens because of a bit of dust or a simple nose tickle and will not extend for longer than a few minutes.
Cats can develop allergies or an irritation up their nose. Potential allergens and irritants can include pollen, perfume, cigarette smoke, cat litter and/or household cleaning pro-ducts.
Respiratory infections can be a common cause for sneezing in cats. The most common infections and viruses can include feline herpes, feline chlamydia or bacterial infections.
The above infections are often accompanied by eye discharge and a cough.
Your vet will be able to determine whether your cat has a virus or infection by examining them.
NOTE: Feline Calicivirus Infection, otherwise known as cat flu, is not usually a serious virus in an otherwise healthy adult cat and, because it’s a virus, antibiotics often aren’t necessary. Your vet will be able to offer more information on this.
Foreign bodies
On rare occasions your cat can get a foreign body lodged in their nose. An example would be a blade of grass getting stuck in the back of your cat’s nose from chewing grass, this can cause choking and retching. This can also cause your cat to sneeze to try and eject the foreign body out of their nose. Sometimes this can dislodge itself, however please see your vet if discomfort persists for more than an hour or two.
If you are concerned about the amount your cat is sneezing or your pet seems unwell or distressed, you should contact your vet who will be able to examine your pet and determine the cause.