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What you should know about ITV inspections 

There are many things that are checked at the  ITV station during an annual inspection and some of these are outside the car i.e. mirrors. So, if you have a broken or cracked mirror does this affect whether your car will pass its ITV or not? The Applus group have issued some guidelines in order to assist clients to be sure they are not going to experience problems. The use of mirrors, according to the Applus Group is one of the most common things that people have doubts about. Before we continue we need to clarify the obligations of drivers when driving on the roads. The obligations differ for different categories of vehicles i.e. bikes, cars, vans lorries all can have differing obligations.

So for a car registered as a Turismo it is obligatory for the car to have an external left hand side mirror and also an internal windscreen mounted mirror. This rule also applies to vehicles that are used to transport people. In some vans a right-hand external mirror is also obligatory. In large vehicles such as lorries, trailers and large vans it is obligatory to have mirrors with a large viewing angle, exterior as well as an internal mirror, although often these mirrors are not useful due to the nature of the vans/lorries etc, visibility via these is blocked by the panelled doors and sides.

Broken Mirrors

We often see broken mirrors on the floor in streets where cars are parked on both sides and there is little room for passing and careless drivers knock mirrors breaking them and drive off. For the owner this can be expensive. According to regulations a broken mirror at ITV is considered serious (grave). You must ensure that mirrors are fitted correctly, at the regulatory height, as these are considered to be an extension of the driver’s vision to be able to drive safely. If manufacturers guidelines are not adhered to then it is likely that the vehicle will fail its ITV. Things regarding mirrors that are considered “minor defects” at ITV are broken mirrors on those that are not obligatory or badly fitted or loose mirrors. It is therefore in your interest to replace the mirror before going for an ITV.

Light Bulbs

In September 2018 the European Union passed a law banning halogen bulbs and as Spain is a member country this change affects your home AND your car. LED lights can be an alternative (and new cars are of course fitted with this type of lighting) but in time your car will not pass an ITV if it has halogen bulbs, this will of course not happen overnight and there will be a gradual change and there will be no penalties if your vehicle still has these types of bulbs. However, you can choose to change your lighting to LED lights to go through an ITV inspection but to do this the ITV station must approve the change in line with European Regulations. You would therefore have to obtain a certificate from the manufacturer proving they agree with such modification.

I hear you asking, Why, should we change our bulbs? Well we live in a society that is very much aware of the impact of many things on the environment and it has been proven that halogen bulbs use 65 times more power than an equivalent LED bulb. Food for thought. However if your car is considered a classic or vintage car then it is not possible to change them for a alternative bulb then it is legal to continue use of the halogen bulbs.