|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Tourists in Mallorca and Ibiza to be encouraged to go natural! 

Holidaymakers in Mallorca and Ibiza are to be encouraged to get their kit off after campaigners won the first round in their battle to have all nudist beaches clearly signposted.
The Balearic Parliament has agreed to press the Government to give nude sunbathers more rights and reverse the trend of “hiding away in secluded corners”.
Protesters say the rights of naturists have to be respected and all those interested in joining in should be “en-couraged and respected”.
The Balearic Parliament has, however, drawn a line under a plea to allow nudists to drink or eat in beach bars and restaurants if they cover up their private bits with a towel or cloth!
The political party, Podemos says the choice of whether or not to practise nudism on the beaches of Mallorca and Ibiza should be regarded as a human right but is increasingly being pushed into hidden corners.
Deputy of the group, Marta Maicas said: “Despite the nudist tradition of the islands, the increase in tourism has relegated its practise to smaller and secluded spaces, in many cases due to the lack of information of the bathers themselves who do not know their rights and who can practise nudism in a legal and safe way.”
Naturism, Parliament was told, should be regarded as a “recognised practice” and welcomed with “freedom, tolerance and respect for people and the environment.”
The Government is being urged to include in the information and signage of all the beaches, the following statement: “Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature. It is a recognised practice on our coast.”
Signs on traditional nudist beaches will read: “This beach has a naturist tradition and we invite you to practise nudity and respect it.”
Police training courses will also include reference to the rights of nudists.