|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Tourists flocking to San Juan de la Rambla 

San Juan de la Rambla is becoming the latest “buzz” place for tourists to visit, especially those interested in walking.
The local council’s tourism department, led by councillor Cayetano Sïlva, has reported a significant increase in visitors over the last few months, as much as 50 per cent compared to the same period in 2018.
“This is a direct response to the tourism strategy that we started with the two-pronged project “San Juan de la Rambla: Life Experience” which focuses on the surroundings of the Barranco Ruiz, and the historic offer, using the historic centre as the pivot point.”
Much of the increase is being attributed to the word of mouth effect coupled with the work carried out with tourism offices across the island, hotels and specialised guides for keen ramblers.
San Juan de la Rambla council says the area offers a different kind of landscape across a number of approved trails such as the Fuente del Bardo – Fuente del Rey, the Barranco Ruiz which joins La Vera with La Rambla descending through the back of the ravine or the jewel in the crown, the path that joins La Rambla with Las Aguas, which receives an average of 100 visitors daily.
The next step on which the Department of Tourism is working is the implementation of the so-called “Routes of experiences” to discover more of the hidden charms of the municipality.