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Some common causes of bad driving 

The most common causes for bad driving according to the DGT is that of tiredness behind the wheel. We are all probably aware of the slogan in the UK on various roads “TIREDNESS KILLS” a very powerful slogan but all too often busy lifestyles get in the way and people drive when they are tired or overtired and stand the chance of falling asleep of nodding off momentarily behind the wheel when driving. According to the DGT in Spain (as a whole) fatigue causes 20 to 30% of road traffic accidents. Their findings also state that being under a lot of stress has adverse effects on driving as people are tired, lack concentration and reduced attention to driving and are therefore more likely to have accidents.

As is often the case, prevention of this is in the hands of the driver. It goes without saying that we should not drive tired and if we feel tired it is better to pull over and rest, have some coffee to wake yourself up before resuming your journey. Its far better to arrive a little late than not at all.

Some of the other things that effect driving in an adverse way are:

Tunnel Vision

Tunneling is the narrowing of the vision of the driver due to driving too fast. This means that at a higher speed, peri-pheral vision is reduced and we then fail to see part of the whole area. We must always adapt the speed limit to the conditions that occur at the time and as we see, tunnel vision can contribute to acci-dents.

Highway Hypnosis

This is one of the most strange and peculiar things that can occur whilst driving. It generally occurs in mono-tonous situations e.g. on motorways. Sometime this occurs when you are calmly driving and that the driving is predictable, then the brain will disconnect and our mind will drift to other things. In these cases, the driving returns automatically and we may often not know anything has occurr-ed.


This is by far the most common cause of accidents and is easily remedied. The best way is to ensure that you sleep well, you are hydrated correctly with plenty of fluids (not alcohol) and that you allow yourself sufficient time to get to your destination. However, fatigue also depends on the roads and the car too.