|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Small percentage of vehicle occupants still not belting up 

Spain’s driving directorate is to intensify the surveillance of the use of the safety belt and child supports by all the occupants of the vehicle.
The safety belt is the most effective passive safety element in vehicles and the one that has saved the most lives. According to the data of the ESRA project (Survey of Attitudes of Road Users), carried out in 38 countries, 80% of Spaniards confirm they have used the seatbelt as a driver during driving in the last year, 81% admit having used it as a passenger in the front seat of the car and 70% as a passenger in the rear seats of the car.
This data show that although its use is mandatory for all vehicle occupants, there remains a small section of occupants reluctant to put it on.
The aforementioned survey data are also reflected in the road accident figures. In 2017, 24% of the deceased aged 12 and over, users of passenger cars and vans, did not use a seatbelt and 35 of the 87  who died on urban roads. In relation to the wounded, nine per cent did not use a belt and in urban areas that percentage increased to 18%, which shows that the use of this belt is lower in cities than in roads.
For its part, the World Health Organisation also includes in its reports, the importance of the use of this device and calls for countries to include in their legislation, the mandatory use of seatbelts. Approximately 105 countries, representing 67% of the world population, have laws that require the use of this element of security by all occupants of a vehicle.
As has already been done with speed, the control of seat belt use goes through automated surveillance, as a complement to the survei-llance carried out by traffic agents on roads. The DGT continues advancing in technological developments of video analysis for the detection of the non-use of the belt as well as the use of the mobile at the wheel.