|Monday, March 1, 2021
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Not a typical day at K9 

A few months ago, in November, it  was a typical day at K9. The kennels had been cleaned, our dogs were fed and walked and they were starting to settle for the night. The front gate then opened, and this young couple came in with a small dog.
She was introduced to me as Scrappy. She automatically tugged at my heart strings. Due to personal circumstances, this young couple had to surrender Scrappy to K9, and there was tears all around when the realisation hit that they were leaving her. It was a very tough decision for them. When they left, we settled Scrappy into one of our kennels and of course this little girl was very confused and a bit fearful. She was defensive and barked and growled at first. She had no idea why she was suddenly left at K9.
The next day, one of our volunteers took her for a walk and her personality began to shine brightly.
Scrappy is a terrier mix and is 10 years old. She currently shares a kennel with 3 other dogs who are all a lot younger than her. Although she is 10, she still runs and acts like a young dog and has so much love and affection for us all at K9. She is still a bit weary of new people and needs people to take their time with her, but once she knows you, the love she gives you, is priceless. She is a joy to walk on and off lead, as she stays right by your side and is always waiting for a chance to be cuddled and made a fuss of. The younger dogs she shares with at the moment are all very sweet, but their excitement and energy can sometimes push Scrappy to the side, as it can be a bit too much for her.
She is looking for her forever home and she would make the perfect companion. She is a little bit fearful of children so ideally a child free house would suit her best.
Give Scrappy a chance and we can promise you will not be disappointed. Her cuddles fill you with so much joy and if you take the time to get to know her, she will be your best and forever friend!
Come and meet this little beauty at K9. She needs her forever home.