|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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International raids bust Spanish-led illicit TV structure 

National Police have led an investigation team made up of police forces from Spain, the United Kingdom and Denmark, as well as Europol, directed against the distribution of illicit signals through IPTV.
As a result, the largest operation carried out to date against this crime has been carried out at European level and a very complex interna-tional technological infra-structure composed of eleven “farms” of servers distributed all over the world has been ended, some of them with more than 44 servers.
The investigation began in late 2015, following a complaint filed by the Premier League for an alleged crime against intellectual property carried out by a website based in Malaga, offering IPTV subscriptions with access to a multitude of international conditional access channels. After the denunciation, the National Police agents verified the great extent of the illicit activity offering services to IPTV subscriptions that allowed access to the viewing of more than 800 television channels.
The price of subscriptions varied not only by the type of subscription, but by the time of subscription to it and ranged from 40 euros per month to 460.
The agents also noticed that the website reported had associated several profiles on social networks, promoting their services to obtain more customers. Despite the fact that the business owners were Spanish companies, payment of the subscriptions had to be made to a Gibraltarian company.
As a result of the police investigations and the progress of the investigation, it was found  there was a web structure coordinated by a specialised international criminal organisation with ramifications in Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, Latvia, the Netherlands and Cyprus.
The strategy used by the investigated was to use a multitude of servers and change them periodically, gradually creating new web pages to form a framework that, in principle, had no relationship. In this way they pretended not to be detected by the National Police and continue profiting from the crime.
Subscribers have been identified in more than 30 countries. During the operation, 14 simultaneous registrations were made: eight in Spain (provinces of Malaga, Madrid and Alicante), four in Denmark and two in the United Kingdom.