|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Escaped hippo reopens circus debate 

Stunned motorists had to rub their eyes in disbelief after spotting a hippo in the middle of a roundabout in Spain!

The giant beast had escaped from a circus in Almeria and decided to go for a trot around the town, much to the disbelief of passers-by.

Police contacted the circus who sent staff out to search for their missing star and it was eventually found and recaptured.

It is understood the hippo was being kept in an enclosure at the circus but had some how got out for its impromptu walkabout.

Circus officials have ensured the enclosure was secure and they had no trouble in getting the beast back.

The incident has re-opened the debate about the keeping of animals in zoos for entertainment. Many parts of Spain have banned their use and animal rights campaigners want a blanket ban across the country.