|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Drivers once again warned to cut their speed 

Excessive or inadequate speed is still one of the main causes of traffic accidents.

The Directorate General of Traffic is carrying out a new speed campaign in which it will monitor and control compliance with speed limits in order to reduce the accident rate and the consequences derived from them.

This surveillance campaign comes two months after the entry into force of the generic speed limit of 90km on conventional roads, roads where 75% of fatal accidents occur, half of them on exits.

In 2017 (the most recent year with consolidated data), 345 people died on the roads in accidents in which speed was one of the concurrent factors.

According to the study “Speed and accident risk” carried out by the International Transport Forum (ITF), speeding is the main problem faced by motorised countries. An estimate for Norway shows that if all drivers drove below the speed limits, the number of deaths would be reduced by 20% (Elvik 2011)

Due to this concern, the campaign is carried out simultaneously in almost 30 countries that make up the International Traffic Police Organisation.

The controls will focus on those sections of risk associated with speed, as well as those points where circulation is carried out above the established limit and there is a high loss ratio. In addition, taking into account the preventive nature of the campaign, drivers will be informed of the existence of controls through the variable message panels or with circumstantial vertical signs, when the track does not have such panels.