|Monday, March 1, 2021
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Who is this beauty? What is her story? 

Meet Esperanza. She was brought to K9 a  few months ago by one of our volunteers.
He had spotted her wandering the streets and spent five days trying to rescue her. On the fifth day he finally rescued her and brought her to us. She was extremely shy, scared and very thin. We gave her the name Esperanza.
While she is still very nervous and shy with new people, she has begun to show her personality to us and she is the sweetest girl and so gentle. When she sees us in the mornings, she jumps out of her bed to say hello to us and you can tell she is happy to see us. Out walking and chasing lizards are two of her favourite things to do, which are typical characteristics of her breed, the Podenco. The Podenco is a breed of a dog from the Canary Islands and are generally used for hunting. Esperanza has such a sweet nature, it would seem she was abandoned, as no one has come looking for her.
Do not be fooled by her slight frame, as when you take her for a walk and her lizard eyes take over, she literally moves boulders to catch them! Luckily, I have not seen her catch one yet (I am not sure how I would react haha!).
If you come to K9 to either walk the dogs, or to adopt or just to look at our dogs, and you walk through our kennels, you will always find Esperanza curled up in her bed. The noise of the dogs and all these new people, can be a bit overwhelming for her and she would love the chance to be taken to her forever home and to be shown that there are some really nice, loving people out there.
Once she knows you and feels comfortable around you, she will begin to show you affection and you will know how grateful she is, when she finally jumps up on you to say ‘hello and thank you for looking after me’.
She has a gentle nature and has been walked with a couple of our dogs, with good results.
If you want to meet her, please have some patience and take the time to get to know her, you will not be disappointed.