|Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Natural is beautiful. New approaches in dental aesthetics 

The expression “a perfect smile” is now more than relative

More and more people are looking to improve their oral aesthetic with solutions that don’t modify their own attributes in an exaggerated way. Excessively white teeth, extreme proportion, mathematical symmetry.
The canons of beauty are consolidated today in natural models. The face, the part of the body that is previously identified, is a fundamental part of individual beauty; and the smile has a fundamental weight in it. If someone does not feel comfortable with their teeth, they will  smile less. It seems silly, but this in many cases determines the character of the people.
“Our recommendation to patients is always to look for a smile that is as natural as possible, an enamel whose tone escapes from excessive targets and that the alignment of the teeth is typical of a correct bite,” the team from the Artedental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz expains.
They know a lot about smiles. They have more than a decade specialised in the placement of dental implants, veneers, and with the practice of orthodontics or whitening. They flee from artificial solutions that “get noticed” in excess, and they value previous studies as fundamental to know what a patient really needs.
“A tooth that has varied its colour due to the effects of time, tobacco or the intake of medications for example, a fracture, wear or a position that damages the functionality of the teeth are reasons to initiate a treatment that will help improve the welfare and health of patients, “ they explain. However, the solution is not to create a perfect substitute, but to create or modify one or several pieces in a way that fits the rest of the mouth, giving a natural look.
“There is a growing demand for customised pieces, that is, created to measure for each mouth. Veneers or prosthesis with a natural look, realistic and balanced tones. The surface is worked so that the volume, the texture, the relief or the curvatures are the most similar to the natural teeth, and the dentist supervises it in the clinic conscientiously, “Artedental manager Amaya Sáez says.
Today there are solutions for virtually any aesthetic problem of the mouth: gingival smile (one that shows too much gum), teeth not aligned or in incorrect positions, the disproportion between the lower lip and the upper line, darkened areas, gums with appearance not healthy, missing teeth, fractured or worn.
But it is important, when it has been decided to apply a treatment of oral aesthetics, to ensure that a multidisciplinary team intervenes. On the one hand, the dentist must assess the previous studies and the patient taking into account the space, shape, texture and colour of his teeth. The orthodontist should advise on whether a treatment is necessary to correct the position of the teeth, and the hygienist should prepare the mouth so that he is in a position to initiate any intervention.
“The goal is to increase the self-esteem and well-being of patients not with fast and artificial treatments, but with natural solutions that improve the functionality of the mouth and with which each person feels comfortable,” conclude Artedental.