|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Compensation after dog electrocuted 

A local council in Spain has been ordered to pay 7,585 euros to the owner of a dog which was electrocuted by a faulty streetlight.
The ruling was made by a court in Valencia against the council of Pobla de Farnals. The authority says it will not be challenging the directive and has already paid the money.
The council says the streetlight was in a poor state which, when combined with an episode of rains,  left a puddle on the ground and caused the electrical discharge.
The dog, lacking any sort of insulation, touched the post and was electrocuted. The council has apologised and says it would probably not have happened to a human.
“It’s a shame, really, we’re very sorry, “ said the Mayor.
The authority is blaming previous administrations for lack of attention to basic infrastructures over 20 years and only repairing anything urgent.