|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Bank robbers used “Mother of Satan” terrorist explosives 

A gang which blew  up a series of cash machines in Spain used the same type of explosive as terrorists in the attacks on Paris and Brussels, police have revealed.
Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) is known as “Mother of Satan” because of its ferocity and its use at banks could have endangered lives.
The criminal group used home-made devices to carry out at least five robberies in Albacete, Valencia and Cuenca, causing great social alarm.
Four members of the gang were caught as they prepared to blow up another ATM and a fifth was captured later. All are Romanian.
Police seized 730 grams of this dangerous substance and further explosive material was found when a raid was carried out in Ciudad Real.
“Faced with the seriousness of the events, a working group was created which allowed researchers to identify some of the possible authors who were then subjected to an intense and discreet surveillance,” said a spokesman. “It was found that this criminal group planned their actions exhaustively, always selecting their targets in towns with a small population with ease of escape in the event of being detected, both by road or even by cross country,.”
Their modus operandi was always the same, arriving arrived on foot to the bank branch, always at night, with hardly anyone around. One of the gang would keep watch whilst two others placed an explosive device, using wiring and a small battery from a motorcycle. This would blow a hole in the bank wall, allowing quick access and they escaped with their haul in minutes.
Police say this was the first time the use of “Mother of Satan” has been discovered in Spain but they are confident the gang has now been dismantled.