|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Los Realejos become a museum full of life 

Los Realejos is to celebrate its annual Carnival from February 24th.

The fun will continue through to March 6th,Ash Wednesday, when in tradi-tional style the comic figure of “Mr. Rascay” will be cremated by his grieving widows as part of an old custom.

This year’s theme is “A museum full of life” and one local resident has a very special part to play.

As has become the norm in Los Realejos, a much-loved figure stars on the official poster and this time, it is the turn of Juan Antonio González Oliva, one of the most charismatic people within the fiestas of this municipality. He will also “sound the starting gun” on February 24th.

Councillor of fiestas, Isabel Socorro González said: “Juan Antonio’s long career is beyond doubt. He has helped to organise various events of the Carnival of Los Realejos and presided over the retrospective exhibition of old photographs of the carnival shown last year in the Cultural Space La Ferretería and woke up the idea of making this proposal.”

The poster is once again the work of the Municipal School of Photography.

All the details on www.losr-ealejos.es