|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Hash washed up on Tenerife shoreline “from Moroccan gang” 

A Moroccan drug-smuggling gang is believed to behind the discovery of three bales of hashish washed up on different parts of the coast in Tenerife.

Police believe a drugs’ drop went wrong for some reason and the packets were either thrown into the sea on purpose or tipped overboard.

The Civil Guard called in the maritime service and helicopter after the three bales were reported by different people.

The first was found in Granadilla de Abona and weighed approximately 37 kilos. The drugs were wrapped in a lined, large brown package with an inscription on the outside.

On the same day, two young people contacted the police after finding another package about 400 metres from the coast on the beach of La Punta, in the town of El Porís, belonging to the municipality of Arico, having characteris-tics similar to those of the previous bale. Police said it contained about 30 kilos. The police helicopter sighted a third bale between the polygon of Güímar and the beach of El Socorro. This had about 30 kilos of hash inside.

One theory is that the hash was the residue of a recent drop on the beach on the coast of Granadilla when traffickers took advantage of the full moon and the favourable tide.

Police say the bales were similar to those previously smuggled by the same organisation of drug traffickers from the Moroccan coast of the Sahara to the aforementioned beach in the south of the island