|Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Alerts over driving abroad 

In this week’s issue we would like to draw your attention to some very important issues that are not solely related to driving or cars but to many aspects of our lives when living abroad.

Probably the most important is to ensure that if you have a mobile phone, and most people do these days, that they ensure that there are emergency contacts in their contact list that can be accessed by emergency services in the event of an accident or incident, whether in your car, as a pedestrian or at home.

It’s very simple, in Spain to do this you should select whom you want contacted and in your contact list have them as the first in the list as Aa June (for example) Aa Fred (your husband, partner for example). It is of course useful if these people speak Spanish but if not try to put an Aa contact who does. This can often make what can be a very stressful situation less so. Secondly, most telephones have the possibility to record health information and medication taken and again this can be vitally important if you are unconscious or not quite “with it” due to the incident. Its sometimes very hard to remember the names of medication you are taking and how often when you are stressed or in pain. This simple exercise of recording the details may well help you and medical staff enormously and save, what may potentially be vital time.

If you live alone or perhaps with someone who has Alzheimer or another illness of this type, or if you have pets that are inside when you are not at home, you should try always to make sure that someone else holds a key for your property so that if something happens, access to your family member /pet is possible. We understand that a lot of people do not have extended family living on the island and whilst they may have these people listed as contacts or Aa contacts, if they are not here it’s a little irrelevant in these circumstances.

A lot of people are not aware that they should register that they are living here with the British Consul in Santa Cruz who are sometimes advised then by hospitals, police etc. in the event of an accident, or worse Death.

We realise that it’s sometimes hard to make friends here or to find someone to trust but in the event of something happening it’s good to know that you at least have a contact who lives here. Our advice is to think about the themes raised in this article and sort out some of these things in order to avoid stressing yourself in times of trouble.

We hope this has helped to high light some things that people may not have thought about or have put to the back of their mind.