|Saturday, January 16, 2021
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New Year boost for unemployed in Puerto 

Puerto de la Cruz closed the year adding a new employment plan that allows 43 long-term unemployed in the municipality to be hired for a period of one year.

This new project of employment, ‘Pebes 2018’, has a total cost of 715,772, 28 euros, and is subsidised by the Canary Islands Employment Service (SCE), with a contribution of 365,787.49 euros, while the local council contributes the remaining 349,984.79 euros.

The project is intended for the temporary hiring of long-term unemployed people, with special difficulties of insertion in the labour market in a situation of socio-labour vulnerability.

“With this extraordinary measure of urgency, we wanted to respond to the economic and social diffi-culties that certain families of Puerto are going through and which present greater difficulties for their employ-ment,” said the Mayor , Lope Afonso.

During the month of December, the council approv-ed two employment plans, almost consecutive, which has allowed 84 long-term un-employed to be hired.

“There is no better way to close the year than to help 82 families in the municipality,” said Sr. Afonso.

Seven administrative assis-tants, a construction foreman, seven masons, six painters, a plumber, eleven construction workers and ten cleaning workers make up the new workforce that has been incorporated into the different municipal services and posts.