|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Adeje launches new music therapy project “Timba” 

Adeje Council has presented a music therapy project, ‘Timba’, for special needs individuals.

With the municipal School of Music and the Los Olivos centre for functional diversity, under councillors Carmen Rosa González Cabrera and Carmen Lucía Rodríguez respectively, the programme will be open to anyone in Adeje who is special needs, with the main aim being to bring music to the whole population.

“This is a programme to use music as physical, psycho-logical and social tool in improving the lives of individuals,” said Carmen Rosa González. “Music as therapy is not just an idealistic notion in the search for ‘curative power. The thera-peutic effects of music are the results of professional methods that are properly applied.”

Those interested in signing up for classes can do so through the Adeje School of Music, with classes in the mornings and afternoons on offer. It is thought the morning hours would suit adults with some form of special needs and the afternoon sessions might be better suited to people with functional diversity who are attending regular educational centres in the mornings.

Among the aims will be the “improvement of commu-nication through music, listening, dancing or playing, transmitting feelings and ideas, improving interpersonal relationships and self-aware-ness”, explained Carmen Lucia Rodríguez. The teachers will focus on multi-sensory stimulation, self-expression, helping to develop intellectual capacity, improve cognitive abilities and psychomotor functions such as spatial perception, motor skills and co-ordination.

The project has already completed a pilot phase in the Los Olivos centre with a high level of satisfaction reported from students and teachers. “Now we want to take it a step further and open the pro-gramme to everyone so we need the School of Music to come on board, as here we have the installation and the teaching staff who are able to become involved in the project,” said the councillor.

Carmen Rosa González added that “attention to those with special needs if part of the protocol of the School of Music. Currently we have a dozen students who have some form of disability and we are interested in opening the school’s doors to many more people in particular to what is, in some ways, a ‘vulnerable’ section of our society. The school is 100% behind the project.”

Article courtesy of english-timeadeje.com, a community news site in English about Adeje which you will be interested to read.