|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Electronic sports hailed as “opening doors for all” 

The Perez Soto Citizen Centre, in Taco, La Laguna, hosted the fourth round table of the conference “Challenges and opportunities of eSports in the Canary Islands”.

Promoted by the foundations of the Sports Club Tenerife and the Sports Union Las Palmas, the objective was to exchange opinions and experiences that help to understand this activity.

In this fourth work session, Olga Alegre, professor of Educational Research and PhD in Psychology and Journalism, and Antonio Cabrera, director of Gaming Experience, discussed with the attendees, and those who followed the roundtable by streaming, the different aspects that this activity offers as an educational resource and, as Olga Alegre emphasised, “as an open door to important possibilities for inclusion”.

Olga Alegre noted that “e-Sports eliminate barriers, multiplying opportunities for people with disabilities.”

“Elements such as func-tional diversity have an open door in this field,” said the professor of Educational Research. “Sports and undoubtedly e-Sports develop socialisation and strengthen self-esteem.”

“Entering a game brings with it entering society, and with it also values such as solidarity, tolerance, dis-cipline or respect for certain rules and behaviour guide-lines,” said Oga. “The only difference between tradi-tional sports and e-Sports is the passage of time. With electronic sports,we have an excellent starting point for inclusion.”

Antonio Cabrera high-lighted that video games allow important developments in the educational field.

“Proof of this,” said Sr. Cabrera, “is that we have successfully developed for-mulas that increase the attractiveness of educational curricula in the eyes of students and that constitute a very interesting support for teachers.” In this sense, An-tonio Cabrera said that in the case of the Canary Islands, the activity and industry sur-rounding videogames “is especially interesting, be-cause in this case, economic diversification is encourag-ed”.

As in the round tables held previously in both Gran Canaria and Tenerife, promoted by both foundations and sponsored by the Government of the Canary Islands, the speakers agreed on the convenience of multiplying the actions that help spread the opportunities and also the risks involved in the appearance on a daily basis of many young people and adults of this new techno-logical reality.