|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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All Saints Church, Puerto de la Cruz 

It was a privilege to officiate at our annual Remembrance Sunday service, particularly since this year it fell on Armistice Day itself. At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month we remembered those events of exactly 100 years ago.

The church was full and it was also a joy to welcome both a representative from the Ayuntamiento of Puerto de la Cruz and my pastor colleagues from the German Lutheran church.

As usual, we had flags hanging from the chancel roof. The highlight for me, though, was the cascade of poppies that were draped down the side of the pulpit. There were something like 300 of them, all knitted by church members. As we all know, British Legion poppies are a symbol of the flowers that grew in the fields of Flanders. But this cascade of poppies is a living symbol: there are more of them this year than there were last year, and next year there will be more again. They are a fitting memory of what happened in the past and a pointer to our ever-growing hope for peace in the future.

Now our thoughts begin to turn to Advent and Christmas. On Thursday 6 December, a national holiday, we will be marking St Nicholas’ Day at Haus Michael (C./Las Arenas 42). This will be a chance not only to explore the continental tradition associated with this special saint, but also to introduce the fairly recent English tradition of christingles.

Christingles are oranges circled with red ribbon, and with a candle stuck in the top, together with sweets on sticks. If you want to know what these all mean, then come and join us there at 3.00 pm.

Advance notice of our Carol Service: Friday 21 December at 6.00 pm. The midnight service on Christmas Eve begins at 11.30 pm and there is just one service on Christmas Day, at 10.00 am.

A reminder of our other service times: Sundays, 9.30 am (a quiet traditional service of Holy Communion) and 11.00 am (our main sung Communion service); Wednesdays, 10.00 am (Holy Communion).

Chaplain: The Revd Dr Paula Clifford

Tel: 922 38 40 38; Email: paulaclifford4@gmail.com