|Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Parque de la Reina residents putting lives at risk on road 

Arona council is calling on Tenerife Cabildo to improve safety for pedestrians crossing the TF-655 in a bid to guarantee their safety

The authority says a zebra crossing is needed on the stretch between Cho and Parque de la Reina. This, the say, is a dangerous area for residents and there have been numerous accidents. Cars travel at speed and there is no safe way to access the school or other services, essential for citizens.

The municipal plenary session unanimously approved a motion proposed by the Socialist Group in which the Island Council is urged to carry out the signalling of a pedestrian crossing at kilometre point 4.5, of the TF-655 road, at the height of the disrict of Cho and Parque de la Reina.

Arona council is particularly worried about children who, in order to reach the school, have to cross this dangerous road ever day and is used as a shortcut by drivers who want to avoid the gridlock on the parallel TF-1.

“The matter is of serious concern to the local population, since there have been numerous accidents in the affected area, which certifies the danger of this road for pedestrians,” said a council spokesman.

“The measures that must be accepted by the Cabildo de Tenerife are, on the one hand, the passage of pedestrians, duly signposted, so that residents can access without danger, both the educational centre, as public transport and other services in the area . And on the other hand, the lighting of an existing zebra crossing is also requested in the area known as “El Torito”, near Parque de la Reina since, although in this case there is a pedestrian crossing, it lacks lighting, being very dangerous during the night.”

The Local Government also wanted to point out that it is not the only insular road that generates a lot of concern for the Arona population. Other conflicting points, which also do not have adequate signage, are located in the Chayofa neighborhood, the TF-28 highway; and in the area of Malpaso, on the TF-66. Highways that circulate vehicles at high speed and that have bus stops in both directions. In these cases, there is no safe way to cross. Therefore, from the City of Arona, special consideration is requested with these matters that endanger the lives of many citizens.

Councillor of the moder-nisation and contracting areas, Francisco Marichal said: “We have been forced to present the motion in view of the fact that our requests sent to the representatives of the Cabildo Insular have not been dealt with”, adding that” this is an important issue, since it has a direct impact on the safety of citizens, and above all, on many children who have to cross this area every day to access the school” .