|Monday, April 12, 2021
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New laws for restaurants and bars “to speed up openings” 

The Canary Government is pleding to reduce paperwork and bureaucracy for restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

The aim is to relax the current laws without affecting the rights of customers or the service and quality they receive.

If agreed, a new decree will state that only the presentation of a responsible declaration will be required to open an establishment and confirms the obligation that all prices include IGIC (VAT equivalent).

The proposed change is currently out to public consultation and views can be tabled by September 13th.

A spokesman explained: “The Canary Government promotes through this new regulation the reduction of paperwork and bureaucratic obstacles for restaurants, bars and cafeterias, reducing the administrative requirements guaranteeing at all times the rights of the users.”

“The philosophy of this change is to guarantee and increase the quality of tourism activities, the service provided to the consumer and the working conditions of the professionals.”

Meetings have already been held with the restaurant sector.

The Government says that anyone wishing to open a restaurant, bar or cafeteria has to present the responsible statement to the relevant Cabildo. This institution will then be responsible for registering it officially in the General Tourism Register and also responsible for making the corresponding verification visit of compliance with the established requirements. In the event that one of these is not duly fulfilled, the owner of the tourist establishment will be granted a period of between ten days and three months to rectify it.

The procedures will be done online, also to speed up openings.

The decree also insists that restaurants should give maximum publicity to the price lists of the services they offer and that these have to be displayed in a way that allows them to be read without difficulty. These must also specify IGIC included.

Likewise, the decree states that in the lobby or main entrance of the establishment, in a visible place and with legible handwriting, its internal rules shall be exhibited, to include the conditions of use of its services and facilities, as well as the opening hours and closing, and the dining room or kitchen, in case they are different.

Finally, the amendment establishes the requirement that catering establishments have at least one person who speaks Spanish during their working hours and have specific waste collectors, energy consumption measures, low lighting, water flow controls and energy saving appliances.