|Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Drug smugglers threw hash bundles into sea 

A total of 2,332 kilos of hashish was seized in Algeciras, Cadiz during a joint operation between the Spanish Tax Agency and Civil Guard as part of the efforts to combat drug smuggling operations in Campo de Gibraltar.

The operation was launched when aerial Customs Survei-llance units on patrol over the Strait of Gibraltar detected various semi-rigid boats sailing without lights and carrying a significant number of bundles similar to those usually used to smuggle hashish. The boats were sailing towards the coast in the municipality of Algeciras where 15 people were waiting with the intention of unloading the illicit cargo.

The aerial surveillance subsequently confirmed that the bundles were being unloaded, which led to the swift dispatch of a helicopter unit. Upon noticing the presence of police and Customs Surveillance officers, the drug smugglers rapidly fled the scene and abandoned the cargo they were unloading.

Guardia Civil officers arrived in the area minutes later. Together with the Customs Surveillance patrol boats, they searched the area and recovered a total of 71 bundles of hashish weighing a total of 2,332 kilos that had been abandoned as they fled.

The difficult terrain in the area and existing vegetation prevented the arrest of any smugglers. However the operation remains ongoing and the possibility of future arrests has not been discard-ed. A subsequent search by air, sea and land was also conducted.