|Monday, July 6, 2020
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Arona council accuses Cabildo of failing to look after roadsides 

Arona council is again urging Tenerife Cabildo to spruce up the sides of roads which run through the municipality and are within its responsibility.

Local councillor for the environment and infrastructure, José Luis Gómez said they had already sent two written requests to the corresponding area of the island corporation.

Arona council, he said, had tried very hard to improve the roads over the last three years and it wants the Cabildo to reinforce these efforts by looking after the parallel areas, such as the TF 66, TF 657 andTF 28.

The particular sections they are concerned about are the TF 66 from Las Galletas to Valle San Lorenzo, the TF 657 between La Camella, Cabo Blanco and Buzanada and the TF 28, which runs through Chayofa, La Camella and Valle San Lorenzo.

“All of them at the present time are routes of entrance and a showcase to some of the main localities of our municipality, whose residents deserve that their roads offer a good appearance and that the Cabildo attends to them in the same way as City Hall,” said Sr. Gómez.

He recalled that “in these three years of mandate, we have paved 150 streets, many of which had not seen maintenance work in a decade and we have added about 50 workers to waste collection services in a bid to preserve our public spaces and roads in the best possible state, something that the Cabildo is not doing, which is why we have already written twice in order to ask them to take care of maintenance, which is one of the main competences the insular department of roads has.”