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After-sales extras for your car 

We all find that sometimes we have found the car of our dreams but something’s missing. That could be reversing bleepers, camera for assisting in parking, a better radio that has Bluetooth…… the list is endless. Often, we are put off adding these aids because we think it’s either not possible on our car or is too expensive. Here we are going to look at the options available here in Tenerife, which will not be as comprehensive as they would be in the UK but none the less they are available.

Parking sensors

With these fitted a car senses its surroundings and they are probably one of the most widely used extras however they are not yet fit it as standard on all vehicles. The sensors are mounted on the bumpers and they detect the distance of obstacles e.g. posts, other cars, shopping trolleys even; from the extremities of the car, and deliver an audible beep which gradually becomes louder the closer you get. Some systems are now combined with a digital graphic (which looks similar to a camera or GPS screen) which shows which part of the car is closest to the object, allowing for a safer, more accurate manoeuvre. It’s generally possible to fit these to most cars and/or vans and can often avoid scrapes and scratches and minor damage to your car.

Reversing and/or 360-degree cameras

These are a step-up from parking sensors, some vehicles now feature a rear-facing camera. Mounted high and pointing slightly downward, they show obstacles far more clearly than the rear-view mirror can. These cameras use a wide-angle lens to give you a broad field-of-view around the back of the car. These images are relayed to the driver, usually by a screen mounted in the dashboard, and often feature guide lines which show the direction of the car based on the current steering angle and its proximity to obstacles.

This is especially useful for those who have difficulty in reversing into allotted spaces or when reversing into a parallel parking space for example on the side of a road. The 360-degree cameras are generally fitted as standard on the new high-end vehicles such as BMWs and Range Rovers but it is also possible to fit on more “RUN OF THE MILL” for want of better description. With this type it enables you to view more accurately the space available and the position of the wheels, this makes it far easier to see whether or not you’ll squeeze into the last available space or if you’re about to scrape those posh alloy wheels, or even your car!

Car Stereos

I doubt that there are many drivers who are not happier than when they are driving along singing to their favourite song, all be it out of tune!!! However, many cars when first sold had pretty basic stereos fitted as well as small speakers so the quality of the sound is pretty mediocre. Many people like to listen to music from their phones or iPods or similar devices via Bluetooth but clearly the stereo must be compatible.

So, to make your driving experience less stressful, more enjoyable and you a happier driver, consideration of installing one of the above might well pay dividends for you.

For more information contact Emma at Motorworld.