|Friday, September 17, 2021
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Want to fly your cat or dog (or parrot!) to and from Tenerife? 

Starting a new life abroad, going home or spending part of your year in Tenerife is a huge excitement but one which can be tainted with nerves if you want to bring your pet with you.

Ask any owner and they will be apprehension about it. Will your cat or dog be okay? Will they get to the other side safe and well? Will they be frightened?

One Tenerife company knows exactly how you feel and can provide all the reassurance you need, as well as all the organisation and solutions.

Petex Tenerife specialises in transporting pets to and from Tenerife to the UK (or vice versa), either as a one-off or on a regular basis. And it’s not just dogs we are talking about here. Cats are frequent travellers with Petex and they have even made arrangements for a parrot!

Here’s just one glowing testimonial from a very satisfied customer:

“Henry Labradoodle loves his winter vacations in the Canary Islands! He is one spoilt dog and due to the utmost care and professionalism of Graham at Petex, he is able to visit his cousin in Tenerife every year, for three months at a time, flying in and out of the UK with ease.”

“To date he has flown with Petex eight times and is already planning his nith and tenth flights for his winter 2018/19 vacation!”

“Petex organise absolutely everything with a personal touch, to ensure a safe, stress-free, happy flight for Henry – and boy is he one happy traveller! Thanks Petex – woofastic service!”

Petex is run by Graham Kennedy Williams and was set up in 2010. Graham came to Tenerife from Scotland and is still here 18 years later.

He fully understand that pet owners are very nervous about sending their beloved animals by plane either to and from Tenerife but assures: “Once we talk to them and calm them, they are fine.”

“Their dog or cat will be safe, well looked after by ground staff, the hold is pitch black and the temp is 16 degrees. It’s not traumatic at all or stressful. In fact, it’s more stressful for the owners.”

Graham is very happy to visit you here in Tenerife to explain everything. It takes around an hour and he does all the checks, the Customs’ forms and answers your questions.

In summary, Petex aims to save you from all the trouble, stress and pain of dealing with the paperwork and procedures of taking a pet with you to Tenerife or for your return to the UK.

Through its well-established and efficient processes, the business has sent over 1,500 pets back and is able to seamlessly import from the UK to Tenerife or send from Tenerife to the UK at low cost.

As for price, you‘ll hardly get a better deal as Petex does everything at cost price, also saving you money with discounted vet prices for passports and discounts on IATA approved cages.

It provides inexpensive pre-flight boarding for your pet so in the end it will cost you less to send through Petex than handling every-thing by yourself.