|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Tenerife south airport using new ABC eye and fingerprint checks 

Passengers using Tenerife south’s airport will have noticed a recent change to the security checks.

As of July 26th, National Police have intensified a information campaign featuring tips and videos explaining the requirements and steps to be followed to cross borders at airports with greater agility and security.

“Following the rules of the Schengen area, the Member States are obliged to carry out systematic checks on all persons, both at the entrance and the exit, in order to reinforce security in the face of the terrorist threat,” a police spokesman explained.

“This reinforcement of controls at our external borders is an important tool to fight against the terrorist threat in Europe and improve the security of citizens.”

To this end, National Police have increased the electronic doors or posts of the Automated Border Control (ABC) system in the airports of Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga, Tenerife Sur, in the Port of Algeciras and in the land crossing between La Linea de Conception and Gibraltar. Currently, a total of 455 cabins are installed in all these border posts, while a year ago there were only 120.

Police says the automated control is more secure, modern and comfortable for travellers and only takes 20 seconds without the intervention of offices.

“Its use by passengers will shorten the queues and reduce the waiting time to pass control, especially in times of large crowds, usual in the summer months,” said the spokesman.

The ABC system identifies the passenger, who is older than 18, carries a DNIe or an electronic Passport and a citizen of the Schengen area, through a double biometric verification of the facial and fingerprint image. In addition, the system authenticates the passenger identification document.

In the last twelve months, 6,069,370 passengers have used the cabins of the automated system in Spain. With the dissemination of these explanatory videos, the National Police intends to bring the use of these terminals to the citizen to promote their use and expedite the process.