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Hints and tips for buying cars 

When you first make a move to a foreign country there are always many things that you need to consider depending on your personal circumstances. Properties, Schools, work and of course transport, which in mainly a car.

In the UK it is often the case that in many households those old enough to, drive and have a car of their own or use of that of their parents/grandparents or other family members. Of course, they want the same in their new home.

So here we will explain some of the pitfalls to avoid and some tips to get the best out of your money and choice.


Most people will have done research before moving a family over, however all too often they have not factored in the higher costs of cars here in the second-hand market, a car that may have cost you 2.500 pounds in the UK is likely to be double that or more here. Buying a second-hand car can be fraught with disasters if you do not know where to go or how the system works. In general, it is not a good idea to buy a car off the side of the road for many reasons. Firstly, and quite often, the car for sale is not owned by the person advertising it and its highly probable that the car may not be transferable into your name because of embargo’s (debts) which go with the car. These debts are sometime relatively small for example a couple of years outstanding Rodaje (Road Tax) and whilst the amounts are substantially lower than UK costs it can often be hundreds of euros, adding to the cost of the car unexpectedly.

The method of taking legal ownership of the car in Spain involves a fair amount of paperwork being signed and presented and Tax has to be paid to Hacienda (the Tax Office) of 5.5% of the official valuation (not necessarily the amount you will be paying for the car) along with costs at Tráfico (Spanish equivalent of the DVLA) and any administration charges incurred for instructing someone to do this on your behalf. Unless you are going to visit Santa Cruz yourself with a translator in tow, then only Official Tráfico Collaborators can do this on your behalf. Sounds scary and confusing ……. it does not have to be if you take some simple steps.

We say this time and time again to people, when buying a car privately NEVER NEVER part with any money for the purchase without having a debt check (similar to a HPI check in the UK). Motorworld can do this for you quickly and for a reasonable cost potentially saving you thousands of euros …


Insurance for a car works differently in Spain in so much as its the CAR that is insured not the driver. For people under the age of 25 who have not held a full license for long (normally it has to be a minimum of two years but each company has different rules) then the task of obtaining insurance can be difficult and costly, although not normally anywhere near as expensive as UK prices. However, on the plus side you can use your No Claims Bonus here provided you are able to provide the relevant documentation required by the individual companies.

For people over the age of 25, obtaining cover, providing they hold a full and clean licence is much easier. Prices are sometimes considerably less that the same cover in the UK but on occasions more, a lot depends on the car and the company you chose.

Our advice is to take seek information and advice from a reputable legal company, whether this is for the purchase of a car or getting insurance quotes.

Buyer beware as they say, be prepared to walk away if you have any doubts.