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Granadilla rewards local athletes in Espiritu Triabona 2018 

Organisers of the Espiritu Triabona 2018 presented in the Plaza de San Antonio in Padua, the trophies to the fastest athletes of Granadilla in its last edition held on June 2nd.

Those present included sports councillor, Sara Cano Delgado, and members of the directive of the organising club, Alexa-nder Pérez, Germán Díaz and Juanjo Quintero.

The race was organised by the Club Deportivo Espíritu Tri-abona, in collaboration with Granadilla de Abona council, along with more than 40 volunteers, Local Police and Civil Protection of San Miguel de Abona.

As for the winners, in the women’s category, Ana Boullon Sabin of C.D. Vallivana, was the fastest Granadilla entrant in the distance of 10 kilometres, in addition to the first classified veterans F35, while Yasmina Torres Lorenzo was in the 5 kilometres.

In masculine, the competition was strongly disputed, with a difference between the first ones very close. Local runner Iván Quintero Salazar, of C.D. Vallivana, was the fastest Granadilla runner in the 10 km distance, and Pedro Eloy Martín Yanes from the host club of the Triabona Spirit, the fastest in the 5 kilometre race, in addition to the bronze of his category M40 veterans.

It should be noted thatthis is not the first time both Boullón and Martín have won this trophy as best local athletes. They have already done so in other editions of the Granadilla event. In fact, Pedro Martín has partici-pated four times in La Espíritu Triabona, all in the 5-kilo-metre modality and has been among the 15 best in the general classification, and even on June 6, 2015 in his best state of form and version was third in the general and second in its category with a time of 16:35, his best record in Granadilla de Abona of all time. That year, the gold went to Carlos Martín and Juan Jesús Casanova took silver.