|Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Traffic police launch summer campaign to check motorcyclists 

Spain’s traffic department has launched a sum-mer campaign to make sure motorcyclists and mopeds are abiding by the driving rules.

Surveillance is to be increased, especially at week-ends, to ensure “responsible and respectful driving”.

Extra checks are to be conducted by the Civil Guard until September, both from the road and air via the DGT helicopter.

Officers will be giving special attention to roads frequently used by motor-cyclists.

In 2016, the percentage of motorcycles in the vehicle fleet was ten per cent, that is 3.2 million motorcycles.

 With regard to accidents, motorcycle users featured in 24 per cent of the total number of accidents involving victims, that is, 25,944 accidents, in which 343 motorcyclists died. In interurban roads, there was a reduction of five per cent in the number of motorcyclists killed, while in urban areas, 27 more motorists died than in 2015.

The risk of dying in a traffic accident is 17 times greater in motorcycles than in cars. In addition, 95 per cent of the fatalities in traffic accidents involving a motorcycle, the deceased is the motorcyclist himself.

By type of accident, in the motorcycle collision accident with another vehicle, 36 per cent of the motorcyclists and 56 per cent of the drivers of the other vehicles registered infractions.

The most frequent in-fractions of motorcycle users were: inadequate speed (18 per cent of cases), invasion of the opposite lane and anti-regulation overtaking (18 per cent). In the case of drivers of other vehicles, the most frequent infractions were those related to non-compliance with the priority rules (32 per cent of cases).

Although the use of the helmet is mandatory in both urban and interurban roads, in 2016, 15 people who travelled by motorcycle did not use this safety device, an object that often avoids death.