|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Raid leads to seizure of parrot and four turtles 

Police officers proved surprise visitors during an event in Gran Canaria.

Members of the environmental group GRUMA of the Canary police seized a parrot and four “invasive” specimens of turtles which were being exhibited in Santa Brigida.

The animals are listed as some of the most harmful invasive alien species on the planet, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), due to the alteration it produces in the habitat, on the species and on human health.

Specifically, the species of turtles cause vegetation damage, compete with other animals of the native fauna and contribute to the spread of diseases and parasites.

The Kramer parrot causes the displacement of other species due to nest competition, in addition to other damages.

The police intervention was carried out as a result of the request of collaboration of the Biodiversity Service of the Canary Islands Government, who were alerted of the presence of these animals.

After the inspection, the GRUMA agents issued the corresponding infraction report, regulated by Royal Decree 630/2013, of August 2, which includes the Spanish Catalogue of Invasive Alien Species, which prohibits possession, transport, traffic and trade.

The agents remind that the absence of the corresponding administrative authorisation for the possession, traffic or trade of these species is classified as a serious infraction, with fines ranging from 3,001 to 200,000 euros.