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Plan B – Italian innovation on the rise at Puerto de la Cruz, La Paz 

Umberto and his cousin/business-partner have been here for over a year, working and studying the market and 2 months ago Plan B opened in La Paz, at the end of Aceviños street. These two Ligurian cousins are bringing to Puerto de la Cruz, the original focaccia dough. Yes! From the land of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The Story

Hardworking professionals, they achieved the elite in their homeland, Italy, working for michelin star restaurants and competing at world-class culinary events. At the top of their game they’ve decided to become their own bosses and start here in Tenerife. We sure hope they do reach their goals and become one of the top innovative cafeteria pizza parlours in the island.

The Cafeteria

Located at the far end of La Paz, Calle Aceviños 12, it’s a no brainer to park, if you have kids, there’s also space for them to run about before or after the meal and the staff is always happy to entertain them with ‘special delights’ or you can enjoy a relaxing walk with your partner. The cafeteria consists of a small 6 table terrace, an 8 table dining area inside and a couple of sidewalks in front of the bar to finish it off.

The Food & Drinks



The soul of every well established restaurant is the food they serve and in Plan B, they do know how to open their souls. From homemade ‘della mamma Culurgnones di papa e menta’ with a white bolognese (cheek veal) sauce, passing through the array of focaccias and pizzas, rectangular or round, baked with the original Liguria focaccia dough to a succulent veal tartare with Canary avocado.

To describe Plan B’s proposal, we’d say it’s an innovative Italian cafeteria pizza parlour, providing to the clients, local or touristic, comfort food with a gourmet touch. Always scanning the local market and working with it, thus creating seasonal menus, that offer Focaccia and Pizza Liguria style. Adding to it the season dishes, that are defined by nature and the local fishermen and farmers.

More innovation, in the drinks. The cafeteria is proud of creating great cocktails, the ‘piña colada’ is one of their specialities, and also of having a great variety of Proseccos. A very good Italian house wine accompanies the food and refreshing cocktails for afters. The different types of coffees are a great call for morning breakfast, mid-morning snacks or after a freshly cooked meal.

Plan B is a small, welcoming business, managed by hardworking professionals that know the restaurateur business and want to offer a touch of innovation to the classical pizza parlours in the island.

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The Price

Innovation always comes at a cost. Not necessarily, although Plan B is in La Paz, which has to be said, is one of the poshest neighbourhoods in Puerto de la Cruz. Pricewise, we’re not talking about ridiculous prices. A basic focaccia costs 2,50€ and the price can rise to 10€ or 12€, depending on the topping, filling or size you choose. There’s also the possibility of ordering family size pizzas that feed 6 diners and can be divided into different flavours (Margarita, Capricciosa, Sausage & Gorgonzola, etc.).

Dishes like the Culurgnones or the Lamb Burger have a price range of 7€ to 12€ and adding another innovation, Plan B services TAPAS to customers who come just for drinks. Great stop for your prosecco appetizer!


The Conclusion

A great surprise to add to the La Paz neighbourhood, bringing to the area some interesting concepts. Mixing the takeaway pizza business with homemade comfort food, that lives following the seasons of the year. As a newly opened business there are some adjustment that need taking care of, but that I leave it to you to decide.

Just one recommendation, don’t go if you’re in a rush, a down tempo is more the concept you are looking for at Plan B. It’s worth it! Go with family and friends and enjoy not just the food and drinks at Plan B, but also the neighbourhood that invites for a stroll before or after dining. Enjoy!