|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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One third of Canary population gives blood 

The Spanish Federation of Blood Donors has stressed the vital importance of becoming a volunteer to help save lives.

The appeal comes as new figures show the number of blood donations in the Canary Islands last year amounted to 66,800, representing an increase of 1.67 per cent over 2016.

In Spain as a whole, the number of donations in 2017 was 1,689,131, which repre-sented a decrease of 0.93 per cent compared to a year before.

The national rate of do-nations per thousand inhabi-tants is 36.27, the source points out, which indicates that the number of active donors remains at around two million (1,990,300).

In addition, 181,495 new donors have been incor-porated for the first time (500 each day), of which 34.2 per cent are young people between 18 and 35 years old.

Extremadura is the auto-nomous community with the highest rate of donations per 1,000 inhabitants (44.64), and overall figures have risen 2.60 per cent over the previous year.

They are followed by Castilla y León (42.31), Asturias (40.38), Galicia (40.12) and País Vasco (39.27).

At the other extreme are Canarias (31.69), La Rioja (32.61) and Aragón (32.67) as well as the autonomous city of Melilla, which, with an index of 17.34, is at the bottom.

The Federation reminds that donations allow doctors to save 80 lives every day in Spain and recover the health of another 375 people.