|Friday, October 30, 2020
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High tourist tax rates pinpointed in new survey 

Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Formentera, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin are the cities with the highest tourist rates in the EU, a new survey has revealed.

A holidaymaker staying a week in a five star hotel in the Balearic Islands has to fork out 28 euros on their arrival for the so-called “eco-tax”. In a three star establishment, it is 14 euros.

In Rome, you have to pay up to seven euros per night in five-star hotels while in cities such as Berlin, the tax equates to five per cent of the total cost of the accommodation.

Travel search engine liligo.com says many tourists are still taken by surprise when they arrive at hotels and have to pay the extra fee, either upfront or at checkout time.

“In most cities, the tax corresponds to a fixed rate per night and person while in others such as Berlin, Vienna or Amsterdam, a percentage that varies between three and five per cent of the total bill for the accommodation is appli-ed,” saus liligo which inte-grates hundreds of sites (travel agencies, airlines including 70 low cost, hotel chains, reser-vation centres, tour operators, car rentals etc). “It should be noted that many cities do not charge children under 18 years old or have a reduced rate for them.”

The travel portal says the tourist tax must be paid in person at the accommodation and in cash. In almost all countries it is virtually impossible to pay online with the reservation.

“The creation of tourist rates is a growing trend that seeks to raise funds to alleviate the negative effects that tourism could have on cities. We no longer only see them in Europe but also in the United States, Latin America or Asia, “says Guillaume Rostrand, chief marketing officer of liligo.com.