|Friday, October 30, 2020
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Spanish town says it has major link with Coca-Cola brand 

A tiny Spanish town with less than 5,000 residents is taking on the global brand of Coca-Cola after claming it invented the precursor to the famous drink nearly a century and a half ago!

Sleepy Aielo de Malferit in Valencia says it doesn’t want to cash in on one of the world’s most famous names but it DOES want permission to formally use the so-called link to benefit the community and help put it on the tourist map.

The 79-year-old owner of a local distillery founded in 1880 has told the Spanish press he has in his possession a notebook containing the authentic recipe for “Kola-coca” .

He believes it is the precursor of Coca-Cola and the town council, together with the 4,706 residents, agree.

Now, the council has formally written to the multi-national giant to be able to use the link between the two.

“All the indications say this is what happened,” said the Mayor, José Luis Pinter. “Our goal is for those who are responsible for Coca-Cola to see this project willingly, so that the town is known and not that we pursue anything else. “

The Mayor said they had written to the multi-national because they wanted permission to use the link as a marketing tool and to bring in more tourists. It was felt better to contact the company rather than to face any legal action.

It’s said that three entrepreneurs, Enrique Ortiz, Ricardo Sanz and Bautista Aparic opened a distillery in the town 138 years ago. Aielo only had half its current population then but had a reputation for its grape growing and used to supply Spanish Royalty.

Bautista Aparici is said to have travelled the world with a suitcase loaded with their products, including the syrup of “Kola-coca”. In 1885, he presented the syrup in Philadelphia.

Production of Kola-coca in Aielo stopped some time between 1900 and 1950 whilst Coca-Cola flourished of course.

A spokesman for Coca-Cola told Spanish newspaper El Pais: “The brand has transcended in such a way that it is owned by everyone, it has happened to us in other areas and in the world, and for us it is a source of pride.”