|Friday, October 30, 2020
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Pleasure boats and jet skis to be checked by Civil Guard 

The Civil Guard has launched campaigns to control sports boats, recreational vessels and jet skis.

The crackdown will last until September 15th and aims to improve the safety of users, as well as bathers and people who visit the Spanish coast in the summer period.

Checks will be carried out by the Provincial Maritime Services and the patrols of Ports and Coasts of the Civil Guard in a total of 20 coastal provinces.

Among the actions that will be carried out is the control of the navigability certificates, the proof of payment of the insurance premium in force and the pilot qualification corresponding to the characteristics of the vessel.

Agents will also inspect establishments and businesses dedicated to this activity in order to raise awareness among professionals and sporadic users of this type of activity.

 During the campaign last year, the Civil Guard conducted a total of 4,968 inspections in which 302 navigability certificates, 514 insurance policies and 304 pilot titles were controlled.

 ”This campaign is carried out with the aim of avoiding accidents as much as possible and increasing the safety of human life at sea. It will be carried out, in addition to coastal areas, also in inland waters, such as swamps, reservoirs or lakes, where there are also recreational activities of this type,” said a spokesman for the Civil Guard.